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The Hidden Portal: Through the False Door

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Each tradition has its manner of accessing wisdom, through meditation, through some form of altered state of consciousness. Often the imagery of a portal appears as a transition point between the here and now and the eternally beyond time and space. The ritual of opening the gates or portals is the starting point, the point of departure moving one into the depths, to the inner experience, to commune with that which is outside of and beyond ordinary waking consciousness. We each have these portals, hidden deep inside. Carl Jung once remarked in chagrin, the while Unconscious is truly unconscious, it not beyond our accessing it. The ancient Egyptians knew this and were masters at accessing inner consciousness. They had within their mortuary tombs a false door, fashioned to resemble yet not to function as a waking reality door, this “false door” was their portal, their transition point, to communicate with the beyond, with the beloved ancestors and family passed over into the Afterlife. It was a place to access wisdom, to hear the voice that never leaves us.

In Hidden Portal: through the False Door we investigate the ancient form of communication, quietly moving within for spiritual connection, communication and guidance in establishing a solid transition point where we can maintain our connection with our true nature as spiritual beings. We enter the visionary waking dream state to access what ancient people experienced centuries ago. The workshop includes creating sacred space, setting up the false door, entering the purification ritual, presenting the offerings, and finally seeking communication before the final empowerment, union with the Divine that each carries the awareness of the One with reverence, knowing guidance is always present at the Hidden Portal deep inside.

In the end we enjoy the celebration of union by breaking bread and drinking pure water, taking within us the gifts of the earth to nourish our bodies as our visions nourished our minds that both may remain conscious of our earthly and spiritual needs.

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