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           The Language of Dreams…                                                                   Entering the waking dream 

                          Working with the Mystical Dream Tarot

Workshop language of dreams.jpg
Original painting © by Janet Piedilato

How many of us have dreams that linger into the morning hours, drawing us into the great ocean of their imagery?  Yet too often the meaning of our dreams escapes us, leaving us intrigued yet puzzled.  The language of dream is open and welcoming, personal, and unique. With our attention we can come to understand the often complicated plots and unusual images and cast of characters.  Come and enter the magical world of dreams where we explore the depths of meaning that rise from our unconscious to guide us towards a better understanding of ourselves and life around us. No previous experience is necessary. Everyone welcome even if dreams seem forgotten upon awakening for in this workshop we shall learn to capture our dreams in a waking dream with the help of a unique tarot, The Mystical Dream Tarot, the exciting new tarot to be released October 2019. 

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