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Meditation with the Guardian of the Cauldron


Relax, find yourself in a pleasant place where you can have quiet time to yourself. No phone, no doorbell, no interruptions. This time is for you alone.

Sit or recline in a comfortable position and focus on a space in front of you. Relax your eyes as you glance at your focus point. It may be a blank spot on the wall or ceiling. It can be a photograph or a poster or painting on the wall in front of you.  Just focus on it and free yourself of anything else. No worries, no stresses. This time, these moments are for you alone.

Listen to my voice as you relax. Let the vibrations of sound bring you to an increased state of peace.  Imagine a shawl is wrapped around you. It is shielding you from harm, comforting, and supporting you. As you think about it imagine the shawl covered with tiny shimmering stars. The shawl indigo blue reminds you of the starry sky, infinity, eternity. You are wrapped in eternity, pure love. The thoughts relax you into an even deeper state of serenity. Your eyes feel heavy and you close them.  You feel a warmth fill you, your chest is a spiral of light, filling you with a sense of harmony. The space around you shifts and you see before you a doorway. Across it is the word “Welcome”  There are two columns on either side of the door along with two tall vases in which there are sun flowers.  The doorway is bathed in light and you are drawn to it. After all it does bear the word “Welcome. See yourself moving towards the door. It feel right, draws you to it.  As you approach you notice small honey bees busily sucking nectar from the flowers.  Life, fragrant, beautiful. Lost in thought you hardly notice the fact that the door is ajar. Yet the gentle breeze causes it to open more widely, ever more welcoming to you. You push it fully open and enter. The door gently closes behind you.

You find yourself in a small chamber, a sacred place. The walls are stone, glistening with silvery radiance. The ceiling is high and domed open to the sky. Above you see the heavens, stars shining light from afar.  There is a table in the center of the room upon which sits a silver cauldron, hand hammered, simple yet beautiful.  Behind it stands a being clothed in light. This is the guardian of the cauldron, the vessel of light and death, the birthplace of all wisdom. You realize you are in a holy place, deep inside of all.  The Shining One, the guardian gives you welcome and asks you to place your concerns before the cauldron. What do you seek? You feel the question dance within you. What healing, what assistance, what wisdom calls to you?

You feel safe and protected. You feel the warmth and compassion of the Guardian. In the quiet you present your question and wait.

All quiets and your head feels light. You feel as though you are getting sleepy. Shall the answer come in a dream? In a visionary state?

The guardian comes close to you offering you a goblet of fresh spring water from a ladle dipped into the cauldron.  You drink and you allow the images to rise. In quiet you accept what you see, what thoughts rise to greet you.

Twenty minutes of quiet or listening to drumming.


Refreshed, strengthened by your vision, you give thanks to the guardian, turn to move through the portal and you return to your starting place in waking reality. You remain quiet, thinking of all your experienced. When you are ready awake to the room of origin and record in a special place, perhaps a journal kept for dreams,  your experience.  Revisit this inner place of the Cauldron from time to time, whenever you have some issue to explore. It is a safe place where healing and guidance can rise from the depths to assist you in your every day journey. It is a place of peace. Remember the word “Welcome” is upon the door which always remains ajar, open, waiting for you to revisit.  Visit as often as you like and may the inner peace flow outward to all that surrounds you that you are strengthened as you walk your journey of life..  Blessings.

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