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Alchemical Feasts: a workshop of mind, body, and spirit

A workshop and pilgrimage into the alchemical nature of our being

With Dr. Janet Piedilato, author of The Mystical Dream Tarot


Alchemy: Transformation of Death into life, the rising of the gold beneath the heavenly sky. 

Who are we really? We carry so many labels and we see ourselves in so many different roles. Yet time washes away many of these. What remains? How do we source the voice that informs us beyond the flight of change?

What is the Alchemical Feast? What is alchemy? Surely we do not believe we can turn everything into gold? Or can we, metaphorically, source the nature of being and thus see the golden truth that lies at our core.

Come and spend a week away from the chaos of the world as we turn our sight inwardly, looking past all that changes to that which is outside the ravages of time: our alchemical nature.

We shall investigate the path of the mystic, moving on what is called active imagination, to shift our consciousness on an inward journey of discovery.The journey shall be accompanied by our tending the alchemical feast of our groaning table, sharing in the preparation, presentation, and ritual of the sacred meal, the alchemical feast recognizing the transformation of the sacrifice of the earthly gifts to the temple of our bodily form. Dr. Janet shall share her culinary skills in this. ( A lifetime kitchen alchemist, Dr. Janet received her pastry chef degree with distinction from the French Culinary Institute, NYC)


At the end our journey we shall progress to join in a pilgrimage upon sacred land where we shall join our spirits with the land and the ancestors, giving thanks and accepting the role of custodianship to protecting and honoring all life, in all elements small and great, seeking guidance and support in our shared commitment .


Please join us for this enlightening and inspiring workshop on July 18-21st, 2020 with Dr. Janet Piedilato

Saturday July 18 Talk at Indigo bookstore, 7 pm to 8:30 pm   Cost is Free

Location: Indigo bookstore West hills, 5570 Signal Hill Centre SW, Calgary, AB T3H 3P8, Canada

Sunday and Monday July 19/20

Two full day workshop with Dr. Janet Piedilato

9am to 5pm daily (we may have evening sessions TBD) Cost is $300.00

Location: Owl’s Landing Dome 243039 Range Road 42, Calgary Alberta T3Z 3H6


A shuttle bus will be available for pick up and drop off at the Grey Eagle Resort 3779 Grey Eagle Drive Calgary, Alberta T3E 3X8 (more details to follow)

Tuesday July 21st

Post Workshop excursion, A perfect way to end the workshop experience

A day of connection to the sacred land of the Rockies. Cost is $110.00

Method of payment for everything; pay at the door cash, or possibly visa




Please register at by May 18th, 2020

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