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Private Sessions with Dr. Janet Piedilato

Dreamscape reading

This consists of a special session which incorporates both dream work and a reading with the unique Mystical Dream Tarot exploring past, present, and future influences on one’s personal life journey. Upon completion of the session Janet goes into a trance state to visit the dreamscape that rises from the session. Upon return to waking consciousness Janet draws and paints the imagery creating a unique Dreamscape, a one of a kind painting representing ones psyche and ones journey through time, reflecting past, present, and future influences.


A half hour session resulting in a drawing presenting the imagery that most represent one’s personal symbols.

Private Dream therapy sessions

Each is an hour session investigating the landscape of the Unconscious via the images that rise in personal dreamtime. We investigate the memories that thread their way through life as they rise from the dream state to inform and to guide us through our decision making, our challenges and journeys through daily life.

Private guidance in shamanic vision work 

A series of private sessions extending over the period of one year with monthly guidance on entering the visionary state in service of self-healing and growth. Shamanic work or more appropriately “imaginal work” circles around understanding the altered states of consciousness and their value in better understanding ourselves and the world we live in. The shaman or imaginal pilgrim makes use of active imagination, a process of turning one’s focus on mental imagery that rises from the depths of our consciousness in service of healing and wisdom. Ancient medicine people traveled to the inner realms to aid their tribal communities. Today we learn this process in service of better understanding ourselves. In the end we may use it ethically in service of others, accompanying them during times of sorrow and illness and in the end helping them heal.

Fellowship of Isis 

Wisdom seekers interested in taking the path of the sacred inner journey enroll for two years, receiving guidance one monthly as they seek the personal connection to the divine of their own heart. There are individual as well as group sessions. This path is for those who wish to take the mystical path on their way to receiving entrance into the fellowship of servants who work to bring healing, compassion, and peace to the planet through personal service as healers. The Fellowship of Isis invites wisdom seekers to become priests and priestesses, ministers of the sacred.

Grief Counseling 

As a mother of two beloved children who reside in the Afterlife as well as spouse to a loving husband who passed, Rev. Dr. Piedilato helps others better navigate the winding road of sorrow and loss. She understands grief from personal and professional viewpoints, acting as a compassionate guide through its bitterness and sorrow. Private sessions of one hour each.

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