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The Book of Coming into Light: Life beyond the tomb

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The phrase "Near Death Experience" is common today. Less common is the experience among the many who may limit their understanding to stories spoken by others. Thus many of us fail to realize that the “near death experience beyond the physical body” is open to all who walk upon the earth. In the ancient texts, the so called Egyptian Books of the Dead, more appropriately referred to as the ancient authors intended, The Books of Coming into Light, we have a road map of the experiences of the ancients matching near death experiences of today. And like the survivors of today's near death episodes, the ancient texts tell remarkable stories of powerful experiences post the physical. The thread of the eternal nature of our soul is carried through all these stories, surviving the ages, the landscapes, and the varied circumstances of individual. It is an important message which brings hope, joy, and meaning to our waking reality journeys through the physical world.

In this workshop we explore these near death experiences beyond our physical form. Entering into the waking dream state we shall investigate the power of the inner landscape which takes us beyond the waking reality physical existence. This workshop shall help each of us reconnect with our eternal nature, opening us to establish connections beyond what the eyes see to what is everlasting. We shall circle around and share our experiences as well as entering a completion ritual of gratitude for all we see on our amazing journey within.

The workshop requires no prior experience as students shall be led into the waking dream state by use of chanting, drum, and rattle. We shall discuss the variety of experiences which rise from this visionary state and by comparison with those spoken by ancestors thousands of years ago, we will come to see the true nature of our being, mysterious and eternal.

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