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Many Faces of the Divine Feminine

workshop many faces of divine feminine_e
Original painting © by Janet Piedilato

This workshop focuses upon the Creatrix beyond all form, the Lady of the Ways, the great Virgin who births enlightenment, who guides and nurtures spirit, leading one to the chalice of being. From Sky goddess to Mother Earth, from Lady of Life and Mother of Death, the Divine Feminine is beyond sex. This powerful creative force is Wisdom, Sophia clothed in many veils, taking on form and name to teach, to guide, and to birth our enlightenment from the illusions of the physical reality which would hide our true nature and rob us of our identity as daughters of the light. By visiting some of the many titles of the Lady beyond a thousand names and forms, we shall make use of active imagination, the waking dream state, to investigate our place in the Divine Plan of being. We shall seek to move beneath the veils, to seek the light that lies at the center of this being we see as the Divine Feminine.

In this workshop we expand our view of this principal of life, this Divine Feminine Creatrix who lies at the center of all being. Uncreated, lacking nothing but containing everything, the Lady of All Being is the vessel of Wisdom from which we all incarnate. We meet The Divine Feminine in the beautiful spiritual imagery that spans centuries and cultures, yet these images only approximate what cannot be captured by mere words or form. In the fertile inner landscape of our being, using our imaginal faculties we will seek to connect with the aspects of the Divine Lady, to see that which is specific and unique to our own incarnation. Through the many veils we will seek our second birth, that of entrance into the world within and the healing light and holy wisdom that is Sophia, Lady of All Being, heart and center of all manifest. We ask that the Divine Sophia hear our petitions, inspire and guide us to awaken to truth and to the fulfillment of our incarnational role. May we see beneath the veil and behold the sacred face, unique to our needs, that which best awakens us to our path. Through active imagination, entering the waking dream, we journey beneath the many veils to uncover the one face in the many, the one which lights our way.

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