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The Dream of Egypt Tour

The Dream of Egypt pilgrimage: 2021

Tour led by Dr. Janet Piedilato













Each must interpret for himself

The Secret of The Sphinx.

~Amelia B. Edwards. Westbury-On-Trym, Gloucestershire, Dec. 1877


The Dream


The young Thutmose IV fell asleep by the strange Sphinx receiving the dream that cleared the way for his becoming Thutmose IV, pharaoh of the Two Lands, Do we dare uncover the hidden wisdom that guides us to our destination? Come, pilgrim, let us journey together visiting the ancient land within our inner being. Come! …

Erase the boundaries that bind us!

Shifting sands of eternity carry us forth!



As Charles Dana Gibson wrote over 100 years ago “Egypt has sat for her likeness longer than any other country. “ Of the seven wonders of the ancient world, only Egypt’s Great Pyramid survives. Like the face of the Great Sphinx, time may weather her but never defeat her. The sands which fill her desert, slowly reveal her long history while holding tightly her deep mysteries.


Blessed by the golden sun, she is crowned by the heavenly bodies, the moon and stars. . Egypt is a reflection of the heavens! Today we are blessed to visit her sacred land entering into the melodic flow that carries us far beyond the computers and technological noise of modernity. Come! Enter the dream that is Egypt. Discover the magic that lies deep within not only her tombs and temples but the very same magic that lives within all being. Together we shall make the pilgrimage, entranced by her allure, her beauty, and her mystery as we visit the realm of the Sphinx. Step back in time and see what has survived centuries.



Recently someone asked me what calls me to Egypt over and again? I did not hesitate to respond. My answer was spontaneous, without thought.

“The imagery”.

My response was greeted by a nod of understanding. Yes beyond words, beyond the articulation of definitive discourse about the history that stands behind the structures of pyramids, temple columns, and tombs, beyond the mystery of the pharaohs accompanied by strange deities and exotic animals, yes, beyond and beneath it all is a subtle yet strong call….Something that rises to intoxicate and to call one into the silence of centuries. These same images fill our psyche. We are all re united as we share in their power.


Imagery fills us, our waking and our dream space. It is through the imagery that we grow to understand ourselves. That is the call of Egypt. It lies in its rich dreamscape of imagery. It is a living monument to who we are. And thus we visit it to gaze upon our inner nature in the outward beauty of all that remains upon temple and tomb walls.


Egypt brings one home to oneself. In the imagery there is re union. The great myth of the God Osiris, his dis memberment and re memberment calling to us to re member, to put together the broken halves of ourselves, our rational and our intuitive nature, our waking and our dream consciousness.


What calls me to Egypt over and again? The imagery which is balm to my being, helping me re member who I really am.


For me life is a journey towards re membering. In a world so oriented to the physical, there is a need to set aside time to enter the magical circle of re membrance. Through the dream, through imagery, we journey towards re union. That is the dream of Egypt, visiting the ancient imagery in search of ourselves. It is powerful. It is healing. It is life changing.

I invite you to come along with me and explore the imagery which shall open the doors to your inner self.



The Dream of Egypt : March 1-14 2021 (14 days)

Day one arrival in Cairo.







Welcome to Egypt! Arrival to Cairo airport, meet our Tour Manager who will assist us through formalities, and then get our transfer to our hotel for check-in and overnight.

No Meals included


Day Two Giza, Saqqara


This Morning we drive to the Giza plateau and its three great pyramids and Sphinx, We have the opportunity to enter Khufu’s Great Pyramid experiencing something quite special.

Day Three A visit to the Grand Egyptian Museum


Today after breakfast, we drive to the Grand Egyptian Museum. This newly opened museum for the superb collection of Egyptian ancient artifacts considered the gift of Egypt to the world. It contains 7,000 sq-meters dedicated to King TUT, the boy-king, with the 5,400 objects retrieved from his tomb (discovered by Howard Carter in 1922) displayed together for the first time, including his three coffins and the funeral mask. One large gold-plated coffin was removed from Tutankhamun’s tomb in Luxor’s Valley of the Kings in July for the first time since its discovery, and trucked to Cairo for vital restoration work before display.



Day Four– Saqqara & Dahshur Unas Pyramid - Serapaeum - Step Pyramid






Today we are visit the complex of Saqqara home of the famous Step Pyramid. We will also see the Pyramid of Unas and Bent Pyramid and head underground into the Serapeum. The magnificent burial site for the sacred Apis Bulls as well as place of the once famous city for dream incubation.

Day Five ASWAN Elephantine Island by Feluccca



After an early breakfast, we transfer to the Cairo Airport for our flight to Aswan

We travel by speedboat to Philae, one of the most incredible temples of Egypt after which we check-in to our Nile Cruise Ship. Lunch will be served to us before we take a leisurely boat ride around Elephantine Island, a crossroads of ancient trading routes from Lower Egypt, the Western Desert, and India.

Evening we have the opportunity to visit the Aswan market, home to a wide selection of spices, and Egyptian-cotton galabeyas. Overnight we take our romantic cruise on the River Nile.



























Day Six Abu Simbel , Nile CRUISE • Aswan, Kom Ombo & Edfu

We rise early and board the bus for our journey to Abu Simbel, great temple of Ramses II as well as Temple of Hathor dedicated to his beloved Nefertari. This is an amazing visit.

By lunch time, we are back upon our Cruise boat, sailing down the Nile in five-star style! Afternoon with sun setting, we shall visit Kom Ombo healing temple. Evening onboard of our cruise and onward sail to Edfu.







Day Seven Edfu and Luxor

Breakfast onboard as we sail to Edfu, the best-preserved cult temple in Egypt,. We ride to and from the temple in a horse-drawn calèche. Ptolemaic Edfu, begun in 237 BCE and completed in 57 BCE. (by Cleopatra's father), a masterful replica of a pharaonic-era temple, a style that was already archaic while it was being built.

We continue sailing to Esna. Evening hour we arrive to Luxor for overnight.


Day Eight Nile Cruise to Luxor’s West Bank

Valley of Kings, Tomb of Nefertari, the Temple of Medina Habu & Howard Carter House. We checkout of our cruise and visit the West Bank of the Nile in Luxor city, where the sun sets, the realm of the dead—of mortuary temples and tombs.








Afternoon return to our hotel for check-in, and evening we visit the beautiful Luxor Temple by night.


Day nine Karnak Temple

Breakfast at our hotel, and then we visit Karnak temple at the East bank of the River Nile. Our visit includes a walk to the Temple of Ptah for an inspiring visit to the powerful Chapel of Sekhmet.



Day 10 Dendara and Abydos

Breakfast at your hotel, and checkout, today you will visit the famous and truly remarkable Dendera temple dedicated to the Goddess Hathor.




This is the oldest astrological calendar in the ancient world carved into the ceiling in one of the temple rooms. Fascinating place! Later we move to our hotel in Abydos, about 3 hours from Luxor. Overnight in Abydos. Rest & rejuvenate at The House of Life Hotel where there is a lovely healing center that incorporates ancient treatments & cures using sound. Yes! We can make your reservation beforehand.



Day Eleven Abydos and return to Cairo

After breakfast, today we visit Abydos site of the temple of Seti I. One of the best-preserved temples in all of Egypt. Visit the temple of the Osirion, the site of Osiris’s resurrection, and the walls containing the Flower of Life. Drive back to Luxor to catch our flight back to Cairo. Arrival to Cairo


Day Twelve Cairo Egyptian Museum

Today we walk to the Egyptian Museum. a sanctuary that is full of wonderful things that once graced the ancient tombs and temples .






                  The View from the Gayer Anderson                                      Khan El Khalili

Day Thirteen The Touloun Mosque, The Gayer Anderson Museum, The

Hanging Church and the Ben Ezra Synagogue. The Khan El khalili Bazaar

Our visit to Old Cairo will bring meaning to the beauty of the bygone era which lingers in the homes and alleyways that encircle the holy places. We visit the Ibn Touloun Mosque and Gayer Anderson museum in the morning. In the afternoon we experience another face of Cairo by visiting the Hanging Church and Ben Ezra Synagogue. We conclude our day with visiting the famous Khan Elkhalili Bazaar where we shop as we discover the beauty of medieval Cairo, before enjoying our farewell dinner at the famous Naguib Mahfouz Restaurant.


Day Fourteen The journey home

Breakfast at our hotel before we bid good bye to Egypt & transfer from hotel for our flight back home.. Like pilgrims of old we walked the grand Corridor of Sphinx joining the ancient temples. We visited the tombs and sacred places once inhabited by our ancestors. We carry these memories within us along with our recent experiences, remembering the journey by foot only brings us part way on our pilgrimage to the true sacred space, the Dream Temple that lies deep within each of us. May that journey continue to astound and lead us in stability, wisdom, and peace. Blessings.

The trip includes:

•04 Nights accommodation in Marriott Mena House Cairo 5 star hotel in Deluxe Garden with Pyramids View rooms on BB basis. (Breakfast)

• 03 Night accommodation on board M/S Tulip (or similar) Cruise Ship ASW/LXR in deluxe cabins on FB basis. (all meals)

• 02 Nights accommodation in Luxor west bank at Al Moudira hotel in deluxe rooms on BB basis.(breakfast)

• 01 Night accommodation in House of Life hotel Abydos in standard rooms on HB basis.

• 03 Nights accommodation in Ritz Carlton Cairo hotel 5 star hotel based in Deluxe Nile View rooms on BB basis.

• 04 Lunches at local restaurants on days 04, 08, 09 & Lunch box on day 11.

• Farewell dinner at Naguib Mahfouz restaurant on day 13.

• All sightseeing & transfers as per the itinerary in private A/C modern vehicle with

    English speaking Egyptologist guide throughout.

• Whispers throughout the tours for imaginal meditation transmission, and Free WIFI in the Bus also throughout.

• 01 complimentary Bottle of mineral water on daily basis.

• All entrance fees, service charges, current taxes, porter age and vat.

The trip does not include the following services:

• Transatlantic flights to and from Egypt.

• Visa cost (collected upon arrival in Cairo airport, $25.00 )

• Gratuities, drinks, extra meals and any personal expenses

• Hot Air Balloon Excursion (if desired)

• Domestic flights CAI/ASW LXR/CAI.


The above is our planned pilgrimage. Each visit shall be accompanied by an imaginal meditation transmitted by whispers which shall facilitate our journey within, opening us beyond the physical into the sanctuary beyond the perceived.

Space is limited. I need to confirm this trip in order to secure the price and priority rooms I have reserved. With the coming anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun and the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum tourism is on the rise. Please contact me for more information as well as specific details on pricing.

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