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Dreaming the Way Home

workshop dreaming our way home.png
Original painting © by Janet Piedilato

Home. That is a comforting term. Yet what exactly does it mean?

To a child, home is the place where they live, often with parents, siblings, relatives. Hopefully, under the best circumstances, it is a place of safety, of comfort, of acceptance. To an adult, home may shift to mean different places during the different phases of life, childhood, youth, middle and senior years.

Beyond time there exists a home that is unchanging and always present. While this “home” is not one we see with our waking eyes, in our surrounding environment, it is a home that is always available to us, always open to our visiting. Through the power of our faculty of imagination, our ability to form mental images in dreams and visions we can transcend the fleeting physical reality to enter the stable eternal truth. Through altered states of consciousness which access the portals to our true home we can attain entrance to this healing space.

In the ancient Egyptian tradition there is an opener of the ways, Wepwaret. In the Hindu tradition there is Ganesh, the aspect of the Hidden Divinity that takes on the form of the elephant, opening the way for people to enter sacred space, to connect with the true home. In the Christian tradition there are saints and angels ever present to open the way to followers to see beyond the fleeting presence of the earthly home. 

In spiritualism there is the ever present ongoing revelation of the Hidden Intelligence beyond name, sex, or form that remains connected and in communication with all manifest that occurs through dream and visionary work. By working with the imagination, the faculty of forming mental imagery, one can connect beyond the physical world. There are volumes of works giving validity to the value of the imaginal. Both scientific discoveries and artistic creations have given credit to the visionary and dream states when one is beyond the waking consciousness.

In the workshop Dreaming Ones Way Home, we shall investigate our abilities to engage in our dreams, reentering them as waking dreams in order to better understand and communicate with the inner wisdom that lies at the very basis of all life.

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