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                                                     Mystical, mysterious, magical…



                                                                Explore with me 

                                       Embrace the role of the pilgrim truth seeker…

                                       Enter the dreamscape, your mirror of truth.

                       Together let us uncover the truth of your incarnational path! 

A unique dreamscape pilgrimage begins with a special reading session  with my dream cards, The Mystical Dream Tarot.  Quietly the cards open up memories  which shine light upon the incarnational path. Walk upon the landscape of the waking dream which will in the end manifest your unique dreamscape, a unique painting of the your realm. 


Your dreamscape is a one of a kind special map of your unique journey through life as viewed through the lens of the inner wisdom voice which rises and is accessed through dreams.


Each Dreamscape is accompanied by a text providing insight and guidance. It is a treasure to accompany you through all your days. 


                         Embrace the role of the pilgrim truth seeker…

                                         Enter the dreamscape.

For more information on arranging a sitting for your personal dreamscape (in person or via “at a distance” phone or internet)   please inquire through the contact form below.

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