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The Gate Series Workshop


Come and join host Dr Janet Piedilato on

A journey beyond the limitations of the waking landscape:

The Gate Series

(Series of 3)

Reserve the dates and prepare to move beyond the gate that binds.  Once payment is received, you will be invited to the Zoom workshop.  See below for details.


Save the dates and prepare for the unexpected as together we explore the mystical world beyond the seen!

Original ink and water color print © by J. Piedilato

The Shamanic Gate of Moon:

A virtual journey, a waking dream beyond time and space

Come! Together let us explore the inner realms of magic!

Come and explore the shamanic/active imagination ship of travel.

On the wings of imagination we can travel beyond the limits of waking reality. Come and together let us move beyond the Moon Gate to explore the inner realm of being. There is a whole world waiting. Best yet there are no limitations blocking our travel, no need to leave the security of our own homes and risk our physical well being.

Who knows what adventures and magic lay ahead?

Come, reserve your place! Get your virtual password to venture beyond the Moon Gate.

“Open Sesame!” ……and…….enter the endless abode of being.


May 9th, 2020, 9am-4pm Eastern


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Original ink and water color print© by J. Piedilato

The Dream Gate of Horn

Every night we open our eyes to the world of dream

We wake and wonder…..what do the dreams tell us?

Sleep, blessed sleep. We put our heads down, closing our eyes seeking the peaceful restorative quiet, the blissful state of sleep. Our thoughts still and we drift into an alternate world of dreams. Through the Gate of Horn we travel to distant landscapes meeting often strange and perplexing experiences. Sometimes we revisit the very same places over and again during our nightly adventures. Sometimes our visits are strangely seductive, powerfully calling us to hear an unspoken message. Yet how do be begin to understand? Are dreams pure fantasy or something else, something more mystical and important? Do the dreams have a message? How can we understand?

Come and approach the Gate of Horn, the gate of transition into the realm of truth. Come and investigate the amazing world of dreams, exploring their reality and message.


June 13, 2020, 9am-4pm Eastern


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Original ink and water color print© by J. Piedilato

The Imaginal Gate of Tarot

A question spoken, Cards laid out in a row, breath held

What do we see?

What meaning do we glean from the cards that fall?

Who is not intrigued by a set of tarot cards and its mysterious manner of revealing the hidden? Centuries of humanity and thousands of tarot cards have entertained our ancestors during the best and worst of times. Why? Why do we go to the cards? And how might we begin to understand their seductive nature? Do they tell us of the future or do they perhaps help us to source answers from the depths of our own personal psyche? Come….let us explore together. The Mystery and magic of a special kind of tarot….one that investigates the images that look up at us from the cards. Let us explore the Mystical Dream Tarot and its unique connection to our own personal depths.



July 11, 2020, 9am-4pm Eastern


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Original ink and water color print© by J. Piedilato

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