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Happy Healthy Thin!

Beating the Power Myth Thieves!

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Happy, Healthy, Thin is a workshop about creating a healthy lifestyle. People everywhere wish to be happy. They likewise lament when their bodies do not match their image of beauty or health. Diet fads come and go with people’s expectations following in suit. Happy pills provide only temporary solutions. What begins with good intentions collapses in failure over and again, year after year. Too often it is not only the extreme measures of a particular diet, with all its restrictions, but the objectives of the individual who seeks the reward in service of a particular event or circumstance. Thus the weight that fell off for the wedding or family gathering goes right back on afterwards. The awareness of the individual personal in the effort of keeping weight off, of following a healthy lifestyle, is simply missing. In the modern word, filled with convenience foods, most people fail to understand the true meaning of food. It has come to mean merely satisfying satiety. Likewise the happy pill that anesthetizes one to ones sorrows, losses or challenges, does little to fix problems.

This workshop aims to help each of us uncover the unhealthy myths, The Power Myth Thieves, that sit at the base of our unhappy unhealthy lifestyles.

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