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The Magical Ladder: Bridge between the worlds

workshop hidden ladder.jpg
Original painting © by Janet Piedilato

The biblical story of Jacob’s ladder may be interpreted in many ways but one which we investigate is that of the ladder acting as bridge between the here and the hereafter. In the dream Jacob dreams of union with the Divine. He is given a message of his incarnational role leading his people. Likewise he sees angelic beings going up and down the heavenly bridge of the ladder. Different views see the coming and going as a sign of re incarnation of souls. Others view this as angels, spiritual beings coming and going at different times and different places in our life. In a shamanic view one can look at the bridge as that which like the tree of life connects one with the beyond. The “angels” are the aspects of the Hidden that accompany souls on their life journey, whether they appear as angelic beings or shamanic power animals or even ancestors of teachers.

The Magical Ladder bridges the worlds of the seen with the eternal world beyond. The angelic beings, aspects of divinity of various names and apparent forms are the helpers who maintain the connection with the physical beings to aid each of us on our journey. In this workshop we shall use the waking dream as our access point to the beyond, climbing the magical ladder in search of our inner connections to the nature of our incarnational role. As Jacob was given knowledge of his journey along with the helping spirits, we shall seek to connect and explore our given life’s work. As Jacob saw the angelic beings coming and going, we too ask to accept the changing roles in our life. We seek to see what is important in the here and now, to be shown only what we can handle and work on in the present, accepting that time shall bring changes. New challenges shall bring new support if only we remain connected to the ladder, the bridge between the worlds, casting our eyes not only on our physical responsibilities but also upon the spiritual connections which are essential to the full manifestation of our incarnational presence.

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