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Interpreting the Message of the Inner Oracle

An evening with Dr. Janet Piedilato, author of the Mystical Dream Tarot

There is probably no more captivating imagery than that of ancient Egypt. Understanding this power of the images the ancient Egyptians crafted continues to mesmerize all who gaze upon them. Images of their pharaoh with his feet resting on a footstool carrying the drawings of his enemy are centuries ahead of our mind/body holistic healing which promotes the notion that image carries power. In our session we shall explore the hidden depths of imagery from our dreamscape, the same source that the ancients accessed in their powerful displays. We shall explore the world of images as portals to a better understanding of ourselves and our true incarnated path. We shall make use of the ancient Egyptian imagery along with images that rise from dreams as displayed upon the Mystical Dream Tarot as well as imagery that is unique to those in our study circle. By learning to move beyond mere surface perception we can better see the true reality of being. Students as well as professional tarot readers can benefit from this manner of perception which enhances the ability to interpret the messages of the deep in service of our external reality. No experience is necessary.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Blossoming into Light

31 Fairmount Avenue, Suite 105, Chester, New Jersey 07930

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