Pieda's Tales Stories Old as Time

There have always been stories told from a mystical, magical, shamanic, or occult point of view, but usually they are written by people with little or no actual experience in these fields. Excellent storytellers they may be, but bringing the reader to a place of deeper wisdom has not been their calling. But over the years, there have been authors who blend their storytelling craft with actual practical experience of the inner worlds of the human spirit. Dion Fortune and Caitlin Matthews are two of these, and now with Pieda's TalesJanet Piedilato joins their ranks. Drawing on her extensive shamanic and mystical practice, Janet weaves compelling tales that inform even as they entrance. Wonderfully illustrated with Janet's own unique paintings, and with enticing story questions at the end of each of the tales, this book will be especially delightful for children and families both for inspiration and as a tool for self-discovery.

Pieda's Tales Stories Old as Time

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