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Re- membering: Death into Resurrection

Exploring our mortality through the Myth of Isis and Osiris

workshop remembering osiris.png
Original painting © by Janet Piedilato

Throughout time and place myths have always played a role in the psyche of humankind. Myths are stories that express humankind’s ever eternal questions dealing with the essence of being. Such questions about who we are and where we come from, why we are incarnated here and now, and in the end what is this place, this environment about us. Myths delve into the deep questions at the core of our being. What is the meaning of all this? What is life? What is death? In myths we meet the gods, the great super heroes and heroines, forces of good and evil populating universes beyond the seen. Every cultures mythology has their own families of deities, their own stories. Yet the myths, the stories each explore the same questions.

The seeds of a mythic story run deep. Myths are displayed on the caves in Lascaux where our prehistoric ancestors told stories in picture form. How very interesting for the language of our dreaming visionary mind is filled with imagery. Even the myths of religion are a retelling of universal themes. The creation of the world, the first man and woman, the great flood, are all part of the transmigration of myth beyond one specific time and space. As such myths reach deeply into our shared consciousness, the Collective Unconscious. While for many myths represent meaningless untrue fantasy stories, the truth is beyond a concrete reality, a historical pin pointing of event and place. These stories point beyond what the eyes see to what the inner eye knows. One of the important myths that is found in different cultures is that of death and resurrection, possibly the most dramatic event any human faces. As we seem to be the only creatures on the planet that lives with the knowledge of our mortality is it no wonder that the meaning of our lives and death should be one that permeates myth?

In this workshop we explore the ancient Egypt myth of death and resurrection in the love story of Isis and Osiris. We shall enter into the semi trance state of imaginal dream consciousness to discover the truth of our eternal nature. The phrase “semi trance imaginal dream state” is used to describe the altered state of consciousness where the critical observer in oneself remains cognizant of the experience, safely observing the inner landscape. In this state we shall seek communion with the Beyond, entering the peace that comes from knowing the experience of our own survival after physical death.

Participants with loss may bring pictures of their beloved who have passed. This workshop shall find us in the hypnogogic semi trance dream time entering the depths, in the morning to the Cave of Incarnation, place of origin and destination, where we are all born into physical. It is a place of knowledge as well as a meeting place. The second dream visit shall be after lunch to the Fields of Resurrection. The session shall end in a ritual. Pictures of those who passed shall be useful as well as personal items of deceased loved ones for the ritual. All are welcome even those without significant loss as this is a powerful workshop of discovery, helping to bring clarity on life’s most mysterious questions of death and rebirth. In place of personal lost loved ones, participants may put images of the damaged planet, the extinct animals, the death of healthy land and such. We are all connected and our work shall overflow beyond the human into the fellowship of all being, all manifest.

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