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The Pyramid Text: A Near Death Experience

workshop pyramid text.jpg

The very ancient pyramid text dates back almost five thousand years. Hieroglyphic writing fills the walls of the tombs. In the pyramid of Unas, most of the writing is complete. Many Egyptologists regard these texts as one of the oldest religious documents in the world while maintaining they are nothing more than after death magical spells meant to lead the pharaoh into the Afterlife. Are they? Perhaps none of us shall ever know definitely. Yet if we look at the texts and let them speak directly to us, if we feel them instead of dissecting them scientifically, we may be surprised at what we find. In this workshop we shall open ourselves to see the experience described not as something happening to another but as a personal experience, leading us through an adventure of the afterlife while we remain alive. We shall let the text lead us, spiritual seekers, giving us instruction on opening our inner eye to die while living that we may enter an enlightened state to live life more fully prepared for our journey into the Afterlife.

In this workshop we can enter the text experientially, using the visionary state to hear the words and to experience them during what many now call a “near death” experience.

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