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Walking between the Worlds Entering the Waking Dream:

teachings based upon

The Mystical World of Dreaming
© Janet Piedilato, 2016, all rights reserved,
(Publication forthcoming)

workshop walking between worlds.png
Original oil painting © by J G Riche

While most think of the dream as that which comes at night when we are asleep to the waking reality, in fact we can experience the waking dream. Shamanic practitioners often do this as they shift consciousness to enter alpha/theta consciousness, the visionary state. When we have a dream that seems to defy our ability of understanding, we can step back and re visit that dream. First we can understand that the dream does have a message and if we do not get it, the unconscious will surely find another way to bring it forward. The dream may repeat itself. Likewise the dream may come with a slightly different view, like one walking around a mountain, getting a better feel for it.

Walking Between the Worlds explores the power of dreams. In this workshop we investigate the power of the image and how it is the language of the dream and our inner wisdom. We will enter a waking dream, record it, and learn to access the message contained within it.

Students are asked to bring pencils and papers to write and to draw experiences.

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