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Shamanic Dream Consciousness, Tarot, and Divination with author Dr. Janet Piedilato

Sourcing truth in the inner depths.

Everyday, in our ordinary waking life, we meet, engage, and often ignore the many images that rise along our path We have what is called the Reticular Activating System (RAS), which is responsible forour sleep-wake cycle as well as our alertness. The RAS helps us focus on what is essential in our moment-to-moment movements, aiding us to successfully navigate through the imagery of the physical. Yet, the world of images plays a role not only in the mundane, transient,

day-to-day journeys, but more significantly, as a portal connecting us to the Oracle of the Depths, the voice within in service of helping us better understand ourselves and our true role as spiritual beings on a physical planet. The ancient Egyptians well understood this and left us a legacy of powerful images to guide us through the portal of inner knowledge, the deep pool from which all images arise, the womb of consciousness.  Too often we stop short with our perceptions, never delving deeply enough to truly understand their salient messages.

This workshop shall utilize active imagination to help us move beyond perceptual reality.  This process, softening our view of the external world to journey shamanically to the inner dreamscape, the Oracle of the Depths, may be used as an adjunct to dream interpretation, tarot, and other divination techniques. We shall explore the images on The Mystical Dream Tarot as well as discovering some powerful Egyptian images to better understand ourselves and our world.  No previous experience is necessary, only the deep desire to learn more about oneself and the less understood side of consciousness.

This workshop is offered on Sunday, September 20, 2020, 10.00am - 4.00pm

Non-refundable tuition is $100.

Dr. Piedilato's deck will be available for sale during the class.

Register at SOUL JOURNEY

409 MAIN ST., BUTLER NJ  07405-1005
Phone 973.838.6564

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