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The Mystical Dream Tarot

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The Mystical Dream Tarot explores the language of dreams on the journey towards self-understanding.

Throughout history, humans have attempted to communicate to one another and to the mysterious cosmos around us. Across time and landscape, different vocal sounds gave way to the many spoken languages we hear today.

Beyond these differences of language is the common language of dream, the images that unite us, rising from altered states. They draw upon our imagination, our faculty to make mental images in service of better understanding our mysterious existence. Our ancestors respected the visions and dreams that greeted them, taking them seriously in their daily decision-making process, in their creation of spiritual and cosmological beliefs. Yet in a world increasingly focused upon the perceptions of waking reality, dreams are often dismissed as phantasms of the night. But the images that rise in dream are direction signs pointing beyond themselves to something hidden and mysterious. Each card of The Mystical Dream Tarot presents a dreamscape rich in imagery, ready to communicate with us, and guide and nurture our journey towards self-understanding and fulfillment. It is an exploration into our personal psyche and a guide toward discovery.

Janet Piedilato is a transpersonal psychologist, complementary health care consultant and ordained minister who has spent a lifetime studying the value of altered states as represented by visionary, dream and shamanic experiences. She holds doctorates in biology and transpersonal psychology, and studied under Stanley Krippner, the world-renowned dream psychologist.

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