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Gilbertus Trilogy
(Publication forthcoming © Janet Piedilato, 2016)                        


(Book I: Cure,   Book II Mind Bender,   Book III Emma )
by Janet Piedilato

          Book I: Cure 

          Bridging the centuries with medieval intrigue and modern treachery, Cure dangerously lingers in the time between, an intangible sphere where reality dangles on the perilous edge of unreality.  Cure tells a tale of love, greed, and corruption which spans the distance from sacred medieval abbeys to plush modern executive suites.  It is a story of the search for the elusive cure for a tumor-forming cancer and the harrowing events that stem from a possible discovery.

          Dr. Morgaine Peters, fresh out of graduate school, and Dr. Lawrence Hanson, brilliant young researcher on his way up, share more than a common interest in research.  It is their mutual passion for medieval manuscripts that unites them as they stumble upon a lost medieval document which reveals what might be the cure of the century.

          It is not long before they find their discovery less than welcome in the world they travel.  Their existence rapidly evolves into a deadly game of survival as they are thrust into a bizarre existence which brings them from quiet séances to psychedelic fun palaces.  They fight a corruption so evil it could deny humanity its cure and create its own demonic destiny.



Deep inside there lies a well,
Its surface smooth and still,
A luminous mirror be.
Upon its face all forms
Do move.
From time far distant past
And time to come.

Dreams do cast our eyes
Upon this well so deep inside,
And dreams do pluck
From time to time
The wisdom it doeth hold.

What dreamer doeth not wonder,
From whence such wisdom comes?
And yet, which dreamer,
Uncertain of the way,
Will follow such a dream?

In doing so the path is strange,
The route so unfamiliar and
The dreamer goes.
And yet knows not,
The land the dream
Might lead to.

(Cure, all rights reserved © Janet Piedilato, 2016)


The Universal Book of Prayer

(© Janet Piedilato, 2016, Publication forthcoming)

The seasons come and go along with the many transitions of life. Joy, pain, companionship and solitude weave their way through the stories of our lives.  While in childhood we may have been blessed with a traditional prayer routine which helped us through each difficulty, each personal Mt Everest, in the end the seekers among us look to something beyond the routine to express our emotions of wonder, of gratitude, of pain, and of sorrow. As we grow we thus embrace a wider view of divinity. Earth consciousness fills us and our prayer life expands to include our new views. The Universal Book of Prayer is for everyone. It is not exclusive of a singular view on life, divinity, and spiritual practice.  It may be used by followers of all traditions, believers of various religions.  The prayers are gentle and comforting, expressing both appreciation for the manifest and the unseen worlds of being. The emotions expressed span the human spectrum like a shimmering rainbow, the dark running along with the light.


Sunrise at Temenos, all rights reserved © Janet Piedilato, 2016

Oh Hidden One!

The dance of life is one of steering through
The inner and outer landscapes of being.
From the Ocean of Dreams to the Rivers of Daylight,
I float along the waters of time which connects each.
Support me in this my life journey that I may always
Follow your lead, manifesting the destiny
Prepared for me in the Great Plan.
Steer the ship of my life that I carry the gifts of dream
Into the waking light of day.
Guide me this day and all the days of my life
(The Universal Book of Prayer, all rights reserved © Janet Piedilato, 2016)

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